Halal Wagyu - NY Strip Steak

by Boxed Halal
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Quantity (1000 available). Order from 1 pcs.

Vendor name: Boxed Halal
Phone: 888-305-4092
Address: United States

Boxed Halal’s Premium Waygu Ny Strip Steak comes from humanely raised and hand-slaughtered cows. The unique taste and tenderness of highly marbled Wagyu beef make for an unrivaled eating experience. Each Halal New York Strip Steak order contains 2 pieces that are an average of 10 ounces per steak.

Name Halal Wagyu - NY Strip Steak
Weight 1000g
Nutritional Kcal: 400, proteins: 34, fats : 17, carbohydrates: 34
Package Package Paint
Ingredients Beef
Provider Boxed Halal
  • Address: United States
  • Contact Seller: 888-305-4092



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At Boxed Halal, we believe that everyone should have access to humane, healthy. and fresh products that are 100% halal certified. We provide families across the United States with high quality halal meat, delivered right to their door. Halal meat shouldn’t be a hassle, but rather an enjoyable experience that brings families together through the bond of sharing a meal. We offer high-quality halal products that are paired with reliable service and a top tier customer service experience. Let us simplify the process for you! Boxed Halal carries a wide range of products from Halal New York Strip Steaks to Halal Whole Chickens. We have something for every family and are always actively working to expand our current product selection and improving our website.